BP9024 Plaster Sealer

BP9024 plaster sealer/adhesive can be used to seal wet or dry plaster models against moisture-vapor transmission. When mixed, BP9024 resin and hardener will gel in approximately five minutes, unless a solvent is added to either the resin or the hardener. If using a solvent, measure equal parts (by weight or volume) resin and hardener; prior to mixing, add an equal weight/volume of solvent, dividing it to add half to the resin and half to the hardener. Note that when mixing a solvent, the gel-time may be extended to about one hour. The solvent facilitates good penetration of the plaster, as well as ensuring the mixture has adequate usable pot life.

Product Features:

Mix ratio (by wt.): 100:100
Viscosity (mixed): See Technical Data Sheet
Pot life (min): 5
Set time (min) (72°F): 15
Hardness (shore): 60D
Color: Light Amber

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

Download Material Safety Data Sheet: 9024rh
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