BP9024 5-minute Epoxy Adhesive

BP 9024 is a fast-set epoxy adhesive specially formulated for the bonding of wood and urethane model board; it can also be used for making quick patches and fast laminates. The resin is color indicated (green) and will turn to a clear amber color as the hardener is mixed into the resin. This indicator system promotes fast and efficient mixing of the resin and hardener, ensuring that they are thoroughly mixed, yet with no time wasted in overmixing.

BP9024, one of the first 5-Minute Epoxy Adhesives, is now available in 50ml dual-chamber cartridge packaging.  Using a standard cartridge gun, the new packaging allows for fast, easy dispensing. BP9024 has been a top-selling epoxy adhesive for over 50 years; it’s used in golf club bonding and general purpose bonding of multiple substrates.

BP9024 has been used by professionals in every industry from automotive and aerospace to foundry and marine, and many more. Now with the new 50ml packaging, you can control dispensing and leave a good bead for bonding. Cases of  45 50ml cartridges are available; call 800-556-0067 for more information.

Product Features:

Mix ratio (by wt.): 100:100
Viscosity (mixed): See Technbical Data Sheet
Pot life (min): 5
Set time (min ) (72°F): 15
Hardness (shore): 60D
Color: Light Amber

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

Download Material Safety Data Sheet: 9024rh
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