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BP3176 Epoxy Surface Coat

BP3176 is a high-temperature, aluminum-filled, epoxy surface coat. It has a thixotropic consistency that allows you to brush on successive coats to the desired thickness without sagging on vertical surfaces. BP 3176 is formulated such that neither the resin nor hardener contain any carcinogenic material, and skin irritation potential is minimized.

Product Features:

Mix ratio (by wt.): 100:14
Viscosity (mixed): Thixotropic (brushable)
Pot life (min): 55
Cure time (hrs ) (72°F): See Technical Data Sheet (different cure schedule in the case of high temp tools)
Heat Deflection (°F): 235
Hardness (shore): 85D
Color: Gray

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

Download Material Safety Data Sheet: 3176rh
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