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BP3042 White Epoxy Surface Coat

BP3042 and BP3044 are white, medium set-time epoxy surface coats. Both products are formulated such that neither the resin nor hardener contain any carcinogenic material, and skin irritation potential is minimized.

BP3042 resin is color indicated (green) and will turn white as the hardener is mixed into the resin. This indicator system promotes fast and efficient mixing of the resin and hardener, ensuring that they are thoroughly mixed, yet with no time wasted in overmixing.

BP3044 does not contain a color indicator system.

Product Features:

Mix ratio(by wt.): 100:15
Viscosity (mixed): Thixotropic (brushable)
Pot life (min): 30
Cure time (hrs) (72°F): 16
Hardness (shore): 85D
Color: White

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

Download Material Safety Data Sheet: 3042rh
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