BP2019 Clear-Amber Epoxy Laminating Resin

BP2019 is a clear-amber epoxy laminating/adhesive resin formulated especially for the bonding of wood and urethane model board. The resin is color indicated (green) and will turn to a clear amber color as the hardener is mixed into the resin. This indicator system promotes fast and efficient mixing of the resin and hardener, ensuring that they are thoroughly mixed, yet with no time wasted in overmixing. BP2019 can also be used as a quick-set laminating resin for quick bonding to existing laminate. The 30-minute pot-life and bond strength of BP2019 provide added repair strength and wetting, allowing for quick marine and automotive applications.

Product Features:

Mix ratio (by wt.): 100:25
Viscosity (mixed): 2,100 cps
Pot life (min): 30
Cure time (hrs) (72°F): 16
Hardness (shore): 80D
Heat Deflection (°F): 160
Color: Clear/translucent

Material Safety Data Sheet(s):

Download Material Safety Data Sheet: 2019rh
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