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Blehm Plastics for over 50 years has been a leader in epoxy chemistries. Known globally for their 5-minute epoxy adhesive and their epoxy 2-part clay, Blehm is continuing their years of success. Blehm became a intregal part of BCC Products in 2007 and is a flagship now among some of the best tooling products in the automotive, foundry, marine and aerospace industries.

BP-2014 Laminating Epoxy Resin

BP-2014 is a white epoxy laminating resin that provides quick wet-out of fiberglass cloth with easy brushing characteristics, yet it keeps run-off from vertical surfaces to a minimum. The resin is color-indicated (green) and will turn white as the hardener is mixed into the resin. This indicator system promotes fast and efficient mixing of the resin and hardener, ensuring that they are thoroughly mixed, yet with no time wasted in overmixing. When used for structural parts, the physical properties of fiberglass laminates made with BP-2014 are excellent.

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