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The Newest Epoxy Laminating Paste from the Leaders in Epoxy Clay Technologies

BCC Products, Inc./Blehm Plastics has “done it again” with their new BP5601 epoxy laminating paste. As the leader in innovative products and resin systems, BCC/Blehm has used its combined 80 years of epoxy technology experience to  build a premier epoxy laminating paste. Developed to fit the need for a stable, easy-to-mix mold and negative mold-making material, BP5601 is the professional’s choice.

A glass-infused resin with a thixotropic hardener provides for better mixing than many other pastes. It’s easy to mix by hand in small quantities and in a dough-style mixert also allows easy to mix by hand in small quantities and in a dough-style mixer for larger quantities. BP5601 is extremely hard and stable after cure, allowing  for drilling. It is best when used as a base for perfect reproductions in negatives against BCC/Blehm epoxy surface coats and laminating resins. BP5601 is durable, and is the ideal back-up on core-box covers and long-term mold usage. BP5601 cures to a hard, fibrous material perfect for backing and quick negative tooling. For more information, view BP5601’s  Technical Data Sheet.

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